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Capacity Development (Employment, Education & Training)

The Government of C/TFN is structured to reflect the medicine wheel. Each department represents one portion of the medicine wheel. The Capacity Development Department represents the 'mental' portion of the medicine wheel. This department is responsible for overseeing the education, training, and employment of C/TFN citizens and staff.

C/TFN operates a licensed daycare, the Ya Dak Du Hidi Early Childhood Development Centre, overseen by the Capacity Department. The Ya Dak Du Hidi has 25 child care spaces and 7 staff.

The Capacity Development Department also supports the needs of C/TFN students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. This includes kids attending Ghuch Tla Elementary School in Carcross, as well as students who move on to high school in Whitehorse.

After highschool, the C/TFN Capacity Development Department provides support, financial and otherwise, for post-secondary and training needs of C/TFN citizens. This can include university or college training as well as certification needs for employment, such as First Aid, WHMIS, chainsaw safety, etc.

Capacity Development Priorities:

icon CapacityPriorities2014 (182.1 kB)

Click here to read the Policy Manual that guides the Capacity Development Department Programs:

Click on the following links for the application forms to apply for services provided through the Capacity Development Department:

K-12 Programs and Services:

icon Room and Board Application (143.62 kB)
icon Winter Clothing Request Form (191.7 kB)
icon Extracurricular Funding Request. (141.51 kB)
icon Bus Pass Request Form (126.4 kB)

School Supplies Request Form K-12


Post-Secondary Programs and Services:

icon Asets Client Application (402.84 kB)

icon Post Secondary Application (233.74 kB)

icon Training Fund Application (144.02 kB)

icon Wage Subsidy Application (179.33 kB)

Deadlines for Post Secondary Application are as follows;

Fall- June 1st

Winter- November 15th

Summer-March 15th




To see job opportunities available at C/TFN, please go to the job baord on the home page. thank you.

icon Capacity Policy August2015 (249.39 kB)


Department Directory

Display # 
Name Position Phone
Geraldine James Director Capacity Development 821-4251 Ext. 8261
Dina Delaronde Education Manager 821-4251 Ext. 8226
Anne-Marie Smith Supervisor, Ya Dak Du Hidi Early Childhood Edu. Cntr. 821-4023
Beverly Sembsmoen Transitional Employment Coordinator 821-4251 ext 8256
Corinne Carvill Career Manager 867-821-4251 ext 8206
Robin Lord Education Programs & Services K-12 821-4251 Ext. 8229 332-1319
Sheena Johns Education Employment & Training Officer 821-4251 Ext. 8257
Patricia Baker Education Support Worker 867 667 8665 ext 309
Melissa Barrett-James Youth Worker 867 821 4251 ext 8225
David Duquette Youth Worker 867-821-4251 ext 8229
Melissa Jack Finance Coordinator/Capacity trainee 867 821 4251 ext 8259
Jerry James Transitional Employment Supervisor 867 332 6979
Montana Mountain Boardroom 821-4251 Ext. 7002